Release Notes 04/2024

  • optimize theme registry loader
  • add frame-src as csp header

Fixed Bugs:
  • fix 360 images
  • fix select of Login/Logout Site in CMS Language
  • fix webforms after themes optimization
  • fix cms administration

  • slidecontent added possibility to initially open first tab
  • fix Input label positioning when has an addon 
  • changed thumb 3 sizes 
  • sidebar fixed levels 

Release Notes 02/2024

  • HREF-Lang change optimize query
  • add cms 404 page
  • auto release comments per theme setting
  • performance improvements

Fixed Bug:
  • fix cms In-Page Editing

  • fix password strength
  • fix fullscreen gallery
  • convert integration
  • fix mobile menu
  • fix phone input

Release Notes 12/2023

  • new style for b2b item statistics
  • CMS deletion of groups now also deletes children
  • enable json for get_content

Fixed Bugs:
  • show username on b2b users
  • fix dc_placeholder plugin for webforms

  • remove fontawsome from ckeditor

Release Notes 09/2023

  • Add ThemeRegistry to CMS Backend
  • Add custom checks to Monitoring

Release Notes 01/2023

  • include Codeception
  • add date based activation of page content in CMS
  • add bcc to contact-form
  • show webP images in CKFinder

Release Notes 11/2022

  • Add GeneralAjaxData and toast service
  • Fix browser language detection if page is not homepage

Release Notes 10/2022

  • update favicon generator
  • improved gulp and node js version handling
  • set navigation active state
  • add fallback breadcrumbs for special categories
  • added reCaptcha to contact forms
  • max cms level increased

Fixed Bugs:
  • fixes extension in file upload when more than one dot in filename
  • remove useless ?> in html
  • fix 404 page css
  • fix csp error in iframes
  • maintenance: remove unneeded dependency

Release Notes 09/2022

  • Add privacy checkbox in contactform automatically​
  • Use same urlify function from sitemap generator for collection rewrites​
  • Add connection rejection for non-whitelisted ip addresses​
  • max_files of RotatingFileHandler are configurable in.env​
  • Add Google Geocoding API Key​

Fixed Bugs:
  • Generating link for local pages considering is_unique_site flag​
  • Not loosing is_standard_site when saving other website​
  • Correct redirect after login when is_unique_site flag is set​
  • Language switch​
  • Correct label for multiple files​

Release Notes 07/2022

  • Add download option FileGallery​
  • Show URL to sitemap.xml in CMS Backend if File exists​
  • Add mandatory indicator to ContactForm Fields​

  • Fix Layout of Gallery​
  • Fix Fileupload Input in ContactForm​
  • Fix Date Range Picker​
  • Change Layout of 404 Page​
Fixed Bugs:
  • Fix Data returned for getCollectionFullLine​
  • Fix Image Upload in CKFinder in CMS Backend​
  • Fix Order Statistics for Shops with the same Description​

Release Notes 03/2022

Fixed Bugs:
  • strip fields from logger context that could contain a password

  • Close Card-View without reloading

Release Notes 02/2022

Fixed Bugs:
  • Fix Language Switch​
  • Show 404 Page if Collection Entry is not linked or not valid
  • Contactform removed line breaks​

  • Fix jQuery IE

Release Notes 12/2021

  • Hide Google reCAPTCHA from contact form 
  • Separate collection filters to use in custom collection templates 

Release Notes 09/2021

Fixed Bugs:
  • Wrong input name in language cardform
  • Error in breadcrumb of collection details page, if page is not active in navigation

Release Notes 08/2021

Fixed Bugs:
  • Prevent CMS Login problems by not sanitizing the input password

  • Change Styling of File Gallery

  • Add Preview Button for Collection Entries