Release Notes 10/2022

  • refactored shop account login​
  • added animated number adding​


Fixed Bugs:
  • b2b order step - deactivate edit address when standard address
  • fixes breadcrumb page parameter​
  • mobile subnavigation is scrollable​

Release Notes 09/2022

Fixed Bugs:
  • Add missing parameter in paypal checkout for disabling shipping address changes​
  • Finding categories from other languages​
  • Item QTY Rule​
  • Use ItemTotal instead of BasketTotal
  • Add error messages when editing shop_user wrong​
  • Correct sorting of shop_user when adding more than 10 users​
  • Add number of attributes to check for tabs on item card​
  • Attribute sorting​
  • Spelling mistake in textconstant​
  • General HTML structure​
  • Links in user menu​
  • Search statistics for shops with same code and other company​

  • Detect touchdevice

  • Webshop Category: add CategoryService​
  • og-meta tags generated by get_fb_meta_info()​
  • Flashmessages​

  • New Provider: MyFonts​
  • New Provider: Microsoft Clarity​
  • Add possiblity to use <img /> for youtube​

Release Notes 08/2022

Fixed Bugs:
  • Fix Coupon Modal Messages​
  • Fix Demo Seeds for Password Reminder​
  • Fix Slidecontent paddings​
  • Update NAV Objects​

Release Notes 07/2022

  • Refactor get_brand_name and get_brand_logo to use AttributeDecorator​
  • Add Google Analytics 4 to DC Cookie​
  • Refactor Item Feed Generator​

  • Move Favorite Delete Button​
  • Fix H1 Description on ItemCard​
  • Fix Account Lists Toggle​
  • Fix jQuery​
  • Change Frontend Structure​

Fixed Bugs:
  • Fix free Campaign Item​
  • Fix Filter unset for Category Filters​
  • Add missing function to class WebshopOrderLine​
  • Fix target URL in login modal​
  • Added missing field for filter-reset​
  • Changed CSS Class of Password Reminder Button​
  • Fix edit User Form when login type is E-Mail / Password​
  • Added TypeScript to Gulp-Tasks​
  • Fix ItemList2 in Catalog​​
  • Replace duplicated code for Computop Responses​
  • Delete category_description_excerpt from NavConnect​
  • Respect Page Param for add Favorite from Item List​
  • Fix Calculation of Coupon Value in Modal​
  • Fix Coupon Value Types​
  • Fix submitting of Form in Order Process​
  • Fix Demo Seeds for Digital Coupon​

Release Notes 06/2022

 Fixed Bug​s:
  • Fixed negative total possible when using coupons​
  • External group link opens in new tab​
  • Excel Import Export​
  • B2B – Fix Permission on Item Card​
  • Add CouponCodes to JS Code​
  • Add multiple Trigger for Direct Order​
  • Fix Login Error with session_regenerate_id()​
  • Extend ItemVariantDecorator to fetch Item Images​
  • Add “discount_group” to ‘nac_primary’ in table shop_sales_line​
  • Fix remove reCAPTCHA to enable Spam Protection​
  • Update Demo Seeds​

Release Notes 05/2022

Fixed Bugs:
  • Restructured shop_login_listener
  • Fix Coupon Order for Order History
  • Change handling of Computop Success/Error/Notify URL
  • Regex Phone No. for Numbers only

  • Styling new Fields for COntactForms
  • Update Slideshows

Release Notes 04/2022

Fixed Bugs:
  • Add https for password reminder​
  • Prevent stacking of “login_error=true” in URL​
  • Added isNaN checks to numbers and implemented default values​
  • Fix flash message for free campaign item​
  • Fix saving of category description in webform​
  • Fix query for selecting lines in document repository​

Release Notes 03/2022

Fixed Bugs:
  • generate all sitemaps per domain seperatly
  • Fixed problem that modals are not shown ​
  • fix jquery ie​
  • change password needle for logging​
  • add logger to shop_login_listener​
  • add date rangepicker text constants​
  • dcCookie change text constants​

  • add option to generate progressive jpeg's while image resizing

Release Notes 02/2022

Fixed Bugs:
  • Fix DB Pass output to User​
  • Fix Address selection / display in b2c order process
  • Remove Login Lightbox in b2b if user is already logged in
  • Set min quantity in ItemList to 0
  • Fix psr4 Errors when updating composer

  • Optimize display of Invoice Address on mobile
  • Fix JS Performance for HTML inputs
  • Remove Modal Body if text is empty

  • Add WebshopItemPriceDecorator​
  • Optimize DB handling with single instances

Release Notes 12/2021

Fixed bugs:
  • First and last name in b2c order process are not escaped correctly
  • Wrong check if item variants are available 
  • Shopping world setting does not check current site context 
  • Display message of guest customer has entered a invalid e-mail address 

  • Change display of attribute information on item card

Release Notes 11/2021

Fixed bugs:
  • hashing greeting card text to not exceed basket entity character limit in db
  • wrong session usage in dcCMS for CKEditor
  • cannot download item images in webform 
  • wrong path for deleting item image in webform 
  • caching error in ckeditor 
  • calculating wrong prices for item cross price

  • prevent access to every customer address by changing a hidden id field

  • allow decryption of computop data, when we do not know the shop
  • speed up webshop order archive to only fetch linked documents based on current displayed webshop orders 
  • implement usage of breadcrumb functionality 

  • improved styling of newsletter settings in b2c account 
  • improved mobile styling of address management 
  • improved styling of digital coupon order process

Release Notes 10/2021

Fixed Bugs:
  • Checked condition to transfer newsletter for sales headers is wrong
  • Pagination with active filter in document archive is not working
  • Used image for facebook metadata output can differ from item main image 

  • Improve performance of price queries

Release Notes 09/2021

Fixed Bugs:
  • Only show return order fields in customer account of module is active
  • Error if no connection details configured for CleverReach

  • Refresh styling of item comments, sharing
  • Fixed bug with videos on item card
  • Fixed bug with customization in basket
  • Fixed bug with filter slider in item list
  • Fixed bug with display of item variants in list

Release Notes 08/2021

Fixed Bugs:
  • Set length of VAT Fields in MySQL to 20 to reflect changes in NAV/Business Central
  • Redirect to Logout Page Domain if Login Page has different Domain
  • Add missing Directory Separator for Webforms
  • Rename Search Input in B2B to work correctly
  • Refactor Document Type Filter in Document Archive
  • Prevent CMS Login problems by not sanitizing the input password

  • Add Logout Button in Shop Account
  • Frontend Performance Package

Release Notes 07/2021

Fixed Bugs:
  • Missing back button in b2c order step 1 if no digital coupon is set
  • Only show basket breadcrumb if we are on a valid subpage e.g. greeting card 
  • Wrong login url in catalog to login into linked b2b webshop
  • Using wrong shop source in direct order
  • Wrong repository criteria operator used to find documents in archive causing error message 
  • Missing ItemSlug information in order step 1 in b2b webshop showing PHP error
  • Wrong formatting of graduated prices showing PHP error in item list

  • Prevent jumpmark scrolling in modals

  • Automatically add site urls to CSP headers to allow login from catalog into b2b with different domains

Release Notes 06/2021

Fixed Bugs:
  • JS error in dealer search
  • Not able to change shipment / invoice address as guest making a b2c order, not able to uncheck company checkbox 
  • Missing filter for default shipment options, empty list in some cases
  • Missing correct CSP url for computop paygate, credit card form gets blocked 
  • Error in matching shipping zones, 0 is ignored in post code 
  • Images in document archive not displayed 
  • Wrong inclusion of Google Analytics in dc cookie 
  • Customer erasure not working, because of wrong model configuration 
  • Order history shows vat information of current basket 
  • Missing Basket in Breadcrumb on greeting card and gift package overlay
  • Missing crawler exclusion in dc cookie
  • Error when trying to remove coupon code in b2b order process 
  • Site title is not displayed for items without category
  • Use short URL option is ignored in sitemap generation 
  • Newsletter form not working except on main page
  • Category sorting not calculated correctly with given request information 

  • Fixed display of overlay in dealer search
  • Fixed bug with loading fronts, added preloading 

Release Notes 05/2021

Fixed Bugs:
  • Error in calculation of customer permissions for current basket items
  • NAV Variants are missing in generated sitemap
  • Sitemap contains links to collection entries details view, even if no details view exists 
  • Cannot save website in cms, query error

  • Fixed responsive view of b2b document archive details card

  • Allow creation of multiple 404 pages for different websites

Release Notes 04/2021

Fixed Bugs:
  • Error in shipment address in b2b order process, typo in variable and function usage
  • Error in filter logic in b2b item list 

  • Fixed bug with too long price text
  • Fixed styling of date picker input 
  • Fixed bug with jumping images on item card
  • Deactivate next slide for inputs in slideshow 
  • CMS in new dc CI 
  • B2C and B2B webshop in new dc CI 

  • Filter parameters with specific key words

  • Added new Facebook domain verification setting to website settings
  • Implemented new dc cookie consent banner

Release Notes 03/2021

Fixed Bugs:
  • Wrong logo used for shipping options, not using current language
  • Display of 404 after payment error
  • Wrong link of back button in digital coupon order process 
  • Duplicated price display on b2b item list 
  • Display of empty prices in b2b item list 
  • Wrong sorting calculated in b2b item list 
  • Small quantity charge amount is missing in order summary in b2c order process 
  • Amazon payment widget not displayed in b2c order process
  • Category list not displayed correctly in catalog

  • Enabled HTTP-Only Cookies
  • Prevent variable injection for defined parameters